Getting to Zakynthos

There are several ways of getting here...
Charter flight directly from your country to Zakynthos is sometimes the easiest and cheapest way.

Regular flight from your country to Athens is another alternative. Then you take either domestic flight or bus to get from Athens to Zakynthos. You can also rent a car in Athens and drive to Zakynthos. It is a 3 hours drive to Killini port and 1 hour with ferry to Zakynthos.

Ferry boat from Venice, Ancona or Brindisi in Italy to Patras is the alternative for you who travel either by car or train. It takes about 20 hours with the Superfast Ferries from Venice. Then there is a further hour drive by car or bus from Patras to Killini port, from where the ferry boat takes you to Zakynthos town in 1 hour.
There are 4-6 ferry departures from Killini every day. You can reserve a place for your car in advance, which is recommended if you are travelling during high-season.
There are also direct ferries from Italy to Zakynthos.

There are daily domestic flights from Athens to Zakynthos with a journey time of 45 minutes. The one-way ticket for adult costs about 110 Euro. Half the price for children 3-12 years old. and

There is also a bus service from Athens which takes you to Killini with a journey time of 4 hours and a further hour by ferry boat to Zakynthos. Total cost for a one-way ticket is about 38 Euro( bus and ferry tickets).
From St Nicholas (1 hour drive from Daphnes), at the north of Zakynthos, there is a twice daily ferry service to Keffalonia, our nearest neighbouring island.

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